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Courses taught at ETEC

These are the courses taught by ZAP-members of department ETEC.

Advanced nuclear fuel cycles and reactors Prof. Baeten
Automotive standardization Prof. Van den Bossche
Control engineering Prof. Lataire
Daylighting in buildings Prof. Jacobs
Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Traction Prof. Van Mierlo
Electric traction Prof. Hegazy
Electrical drives Prof. Hegazy
Electrical Machines Prof. Van den Bossche
Electricity-1 Prof. Van den Bossche
Electricity-2 Prof. Van den Bossche
Electrotechnics Prof. Van den Bossche
Elektrische aandrijvingen Prof. Lataire
Light and lighting Prof. Jacobs
Light and lighting technology Prof. Jacobs
Measurement in engineering Prof. Lataire
Power Electronics Prof. Lataire
Power electronics Prof. Van den Bossche
Railway infrastructure technology Prof. Lataire
Railway technology Prof. Lataire
Technology project Mechanical and Electrotechnical Engineering Prof. Van Mierlo
Vehicle electronics Prof. Van den Bossche

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